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Urgent: Call now to support a legislative solution for Dreamers!

The need for a permanent resolution for the Dreamers is urgent. Each day since the repeal of DACA, 122 Dreamers are already losing protection and that number increase to 1,000 a day after March 5. 700,000 DACA recipients are at risk if Congress doesn’t act. It is essential that Congress prioritize finding a solution for Dreamers in early 2018.

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Contact your Members of Congress now and urge them to find a permanent, legislative solution for Dreamers as soon as possible.

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Tips for Effective Calls

A staff assistant will most likely answer your call and take a message to relay to the Senator. A call to your Senator does not have to be long – a short call is effective.

  • Introduction. At the start of the call, you should introduce yourself, say where you live and tell them you are a constituent, and if possible thank them for something good the member did recently or if you voted for the member. You may also mention any family, social, business, or political ties to the legislator and, if you represent an organization, say where it is located and the size of its membership.
  • Explain your Message Concisely. Tell the person you are talking with that you support a permanent, legislative solution for Dreamers and why it is important for you and your community.
  • Make the Ask. Ask your Senator to publicly call for a permanent, legislative solution for Dreamers and/or to co-sponsor a bill, such as the Dream Act.
  • Thank them. Thank the person you talked with.